EV Charging Solutions

Keeping electric fleets on the road

As the world turns more and more towards electric transportation, fleets are adopting electric trucks and buses. We’re here to provide the energy that powers them. We offer the whole gamut of charging solutions and services, from charging station purchase and leasing to installation project management to a complete Charging As A Service (CaaS) deployment. We can also help you with microgrid planning and implementation.

Delivering peace of mind

Electrifying a fleet is challenging, with much to learn and many complex decisions to be made. We’re here to help. We can take care of the capacity and operational planning, physical design, permit acquisition, electric utility relations and installation, all under the competent care of our project management team. Once deployed, our charging management software allows you to optimize your energy usage. And we offer a range of financing options to make adoption easy.

Looking for electric vehicles?

Lightning eMotors Transit van

Visit Lightning eMotors for a full range of quick, quiet and reliable electric commercial vehicles.



We’re a one-stop shop for fleet charging, from solution design to on-going management and support.


Premium products and responsive services assure fleet uptime and efficiency.

E-450 fleet

Fleet Knowledge

Nobody knows fleet charging needs like Lightning Energy.

Cost Effective

Charging as a Service (CaaS) reduces up-front costs.


Charging your vehicles just got a lot easier.

We have a comprehensive range of charging stations available, from low-cost Level 2 AC chargers to sophisticated DC Fast Charge stations which are well-matched to heavier commercial vehicles. All of our chargers are available as either a purchase or lease. Let us help you decide which chargers you’ll need for your fleet.


Charging cables

Lightning Mobile to the rescue.

The perfect solution for charging electric trucks, vans or buses at remote locations, Lightning Mobile gives fleets peace of mind knowing that no vehicles will be stranded. Or use it to convert Level 2 charging infrastructure to DC Fast Charge.


Lightning Mobile in a trailer


We provide soup. And nuts. And everything in-between.

There’s a lot to think about when planning and deploying charging infrastructure and equipment for the reliable operation of a fleet of commercial electric vehicles. We’re here to manage the whole process so you don’t have to.


Project management


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“Regardless of the policy, regardless of the politics, fleets started saying we can do this, we want to do this” - CEO @timreeser

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This is great news!

@LightningeMtrs is #BuyAmerican certified and ready to take on the 102,000 medium-duty and 8,000 other vehicles, like buses and ambulances, for @POTUS and his team
#ZeroEmissions #ElectricVehicles

“The additional space helps us to accommodate the increased number of electric van and truck projects that are contracted for 2021." @LightningeMtrs by @roger_gilroy

Had a great interview with @GregAveryDenBiz about Lightning's recent expansion. We're committed to Colorado and being a primary employer here is important to us.

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